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Four types of conflict you need to know about

Intrapersonal conflict, which identifies the conflict as being within you, points to the presence of two needs that carry significance, and to the fact that you have not yet found a strategy that will allow you to meet both needs or identify a more inclusive option. Interpersonal conflict, which looks at conflict between people, identifies […]

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Using the language of influence

There is the language of influence that you can use when interacting with people. But in order to use that language effectively to create connection at work and within our families, we need to understand the key components of each personality. For instance what makes each style feel comfortable, how each likes to act and […]

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Understanding the Model of Human Behaviour

There are four basic styles known as temperaments, and they blend together to make up your unique personality style. There are four parts to the circle. I will describe the first two parts, outgoing and reserved, followed by the other two parts, task and people style personalities, to show you how and why you do […]

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What is Personality?—The beginning

Your personality is made up of various complex parts and is heavily influenced by genetics and your environment. When looking more closely at what factors contribute to personality, you will consider the culture in which they were raised in, their place of birth, the quality of their home life, choice of vocations, their varied interests, […]

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