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How To Understand Yourself and Others

Have you ever been frustrated with other people and found yourself confused with their actions? Have you ever wished you knew what people were thinking to respond effectively to maintain harmony? Have you ever thought people behaved in random and unpredictable ways and would like to have insight into there motivations to relate to them better? If so you are not alone many people have experienced similar thoughts, feelings and questions. In this course you will learn how to use the Ultimate Discovery System to make sense of the people puzzle's in your life. You will be able to apply the Ultimate Discovery System to: Reduce stress, minimise conflict, build trust, reinforce and restore relationships, enhance communication and maximise team performance. Just imagine being able to read people in minutes rather than months to connect with them for success? Or imagine being able to plan for a conversation knowing what the other person will be thinking to increase connection?

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How To Manage Conflict and Communicate Effectively

Failure to effectively manage conflict in your organisation and workplace relationships can literally cost you hundreds and thousands of pounds, even millions if left unaddressed. The cost of conflict in your relationships can show up as stress, low self-esteem, dissatisfaction, hostility, withdrawal and sometimes ill health. These are costs which can easily be reduced if tackled early enough before they have a chance to escalate. This course is based on the principles of Nonviolent communication. You will learn the motivations and drivers of human behaviour and strategies for implementing effective systemic change. You will learn how to activate key principles to create ease, harmony and understanding with the people you interact with.

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