Conversations That Sell

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Do you have feelings of discomfort, anxiety or dread when you think about having to sell your products and services?

Do you avoid selling because you don’t want to come across as trying to convince, coerce, and pressurise?

What IF….

  • You knew how to sell your products and services feeling completely at ease and true to yourself?
  • You could couldn’t wait to talk to someone about your product and services because of how good the exchange would be between you?
  • You could learn an alternative approach to sales that would reduce anxiety, fear, and at the same time create an enjoyable experience that enables you to see exponential increases in your sales?

Take a moment and imagine what that would do for you? How would you feel if that was your reality?

Well I would like to share my New Game Sales Mastery Coaching Tips and strategies every month to help you sell more services and attract more clients without using coercion, convincing and pressure tactics. The principles and methods I wish to share with you will surely help you to become your true self and not the salesperson actor you’ve been told to be.

Each month in my New Game Sales Mastery Coaching Tips I will reveal my secrets that I’m convinced will bring you more clients. And here’s Top Secret #1: People know when you’re not being yourself, start building trust by being you and not an actor.

New Game Sales Mastery Coaching Tips is the answer for you and your bottom line. I will be speaking powerfully and plainly about the way you can engage your potential customers with straightforward language that will help you to help them in a way that feels completely natural and full of ease.

Why listen to me?

Coming from a background in Psychology and specialising in Human Behaviour and communication I know how to resolve any internal and external conflict that arise in relationships.  There are several key principles I have discovered and Utilise to create authentic sustainable relationships which eliminate tension and negative emotions and serve to promote relationships based on trust.

I don’t like selling as it’s being taught today simply because of the tool set that is being taught alongside it that heavily relies on convincing, coercion and pressure tactics. I don’t like the existing sales training courses that are available because much of the ideas stem from a philosophy that has a ‘me versus them’ dynamic which creates an adversarial relationship with your potential customer and this simply does not align with the integrity in which I wish to come from. So after extensive research and committing to developing an alternative to the status quo I now teach a proven and documented alternative that will make selling enjoyable, will remove the fear of rejection, anxiety and eliminate objections.

This can be achieved because the principles I teach are based on laws that work with human behaviour not against it. This breakthrough has meant that I now enjoy the activity of selling and it feels good and this means you now can have the same experience too.