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Change from the top down

For any conflict system to work once implemented it must be embraced

from the top. The conflict management program must be seen to have the

support and weight of higher level management in order to create buy-in of

the models and benefits of actively engaging in conflict resolution practices

from mid-level and lower-level employees.

From the findings of CEDR in their UK survey 2005, they found that ‘many

managers do not feel comfortable addressing conflict. Half (49 per cent)

would rather attend an event at which they knew no one than tell a client

a home truth, and over two thirds (69 per cent) would rather send back

a bottle of wine in a restaurant than confront a boss’s underperformance

directly’. This is why it is important that necessary measures are taken to address the real and expensive issue of conflict in the workplace. It is too expensive not to.

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