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New Game

29th March 2012 – London UK

In association with Wayne Malcolm – ICAN President

Job-security is dead!

There is no such thing as a secure job in the modern world. A good job – yes! A great job – Yes! But a secure job: No! It use to be that you could hold down a job for life and then retire in your 60’s with a golden carriage clock and a pension. However, today the average person can fully expect to have between 10 and 20 different jobs in different career-sectors throughout the course of their working life.

The only person who can guarantee you a job for life is YOU! To look for job security anywhere else is indicative of an old-game mindset and a failure to come to terms with the new world.

Heading for disaster

No government in the modern world has enough money to pay the pensions of its work force. The deficits of the UK and the US run into the Trillions and is climbing everyday because we are spending much more than we take in. Their only strategy for change boils down to a combination of public sector cuts and increased taxes. The difference between the political parties lies in the combination. Right of centre will promise cuts, while left of centre promises to tax the rich. The middle of the road politicians simply lie to the public, promising better conditions without cuts and without new taxes.

The casualties are the old gamers who get taxed right off the top of their incomes. These pay taxes first and then try to live off the rest. The more money they make is the more taxes they pay. The other casualties are the State dependent people who rely on a range of public services in order to make ends meet. Many of these service are going to be cut. These mis-educated masses are going to pay the bill for government waste and corporate greed for many generations to come.

The new-gamer on the other hand, is playing a new game altogether. They are interested in money sources and not salaries. There is a limit to how many salaries you can earn but there are no limits on how many money sources you can discover and develop. Whereas jobs may be few, money sources are abundant. Simply put; there are more business opportunities in the world than there are job vacancies.

The New Game does not call on anyone to quit his or her job or to practice any other form of financial irresponsibility. All of the ventures promoted by the New Game Revolution can be run from home in your spare time.

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New Game Book

NGR White background

New Game Book

Why should YOU get involved with the New Game?

  • Because most people are one phone‐call away from poverty.
  • Because the old game (job-security & debt) is failing millions of people daily.
  • Because a single income is not enough to sustain you.
  • Because the jobs are not coming back – The nature of industry has changed; labour is cheap and less workers are needed.
  • Because both public and private sectors are cutting jobs.
  • Because wages have been frozen in most sectors.
  • Because governments and banks are in claw back mode.
  • Because a single income is the ultimate risk.
  • Because a State‐pension equals poverty.
  • Because we have no choice but to make new money.
  • Because we have no choice but to make more money.
  • Because your dreams demand a new strategy.

( New Game audio link here)

What subjects are covered in the Revolution?

  • The new risk – a single income from a secure job
  • The science of making money
  • How to make money without a job
  • How to live large without borrowing
  • How to plan an early retirement
  • How to generate passive incomes
  • Emergency cash strategies
  • A four year plan for freedom
  • New Game secrets
  • New Game skills
  • New Game tools
  • New Game systems


What is needed in order to play the New Game?

A new:

  • Mindset
  • Skill-set
  • Tool-set
  • Strategy

All of these are delivered to you at the New Game Revolution.

NGR Bundle