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As your Personal Coach I will use a powerful set of tool to partner with you in the success and realisation of your professional and personal goals.

How many of the following statements fit your situation?

  • I want to establish my core values.
  • I want to create a compelling vision for my future. 
  • I want my team to perform at a higher level.
  • I want to become a more dynamic and effective leader.
  • I want to resolve conflicts in my workplace so that we can focus on our work.
  • I want to understand how to better motivate and inspire people.
  • I would like to make better progress on my goals.
  • I would like to bring better balance to my life.
  • I would like to improve my communication skills.
  • I would like to improve my ability to prioritize and focus on my goals.
  • I would like to be more productive.
  • I would like to reduce the stress in my life.
  • I want to build better, stronger relationships at work and at home.
  • I want to develop the skills to help other people grow and excel.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, coaching just might be what you need to take the next step in your success journey.

  • 1-3 “yes” – minimal coaching could help you in specific target areas.
  • 4-6 “yes” – a coach could help you focus to keep moving forward.
  • 7-9 “yes” – having a coach in your corner is essential to your success.

Do you want to continue improving your leadership, communication, and relationship skills? Are you looking for a way to maintain focus on achieving your goals?

If so, you may want to give coaching a try. Contact me for your complimentary discovery call to see if we are a fit or not.

Call 07956 409 606

Your Coaching investment with me:

Single sessions per 45min £120

Group of 4 sessions per 45min £299

Group of 8 sessions per 45min £549

Group of 10 sessions per hour £759


My most recent Coach training:

Program Overview:
The 140-hour Coaching for Transformation program is a proven structured path towards a career and certification as a CPC (certified professional coach). This 10-month, International Coach Federation accredited coach training program includes both an on-line and teleclass component. This distance learning alternative minimizes travel costs and helps you form a community of like-spirited people from around the world. The program includes:

  • 84 90-minute teleclasses the includes practicing in pairs and small groups.
  • 14 hours of peer coaching
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching with rigorous feedback on your coaching skills
  • Final assessment includes written (open book) and oral demonstration of coaching competencies.


  • CFT Essentials (4-week)

What I covered in my training:

What Makes Coaching for Transformation Unique 

Coaching for Transformation is an exciting adventure in experiential learning where you will face the cutting edges of your own growth, as well as: 

  • Receive mentoring with rigorous feedback on your coaching skills
  • Focus on transformation for the client and the coach
  • Deepen awareness of multicultural coaching
  • Expand emotional intelligence and needs awareness
  • Learn how to build your coaching business

Course Curriculum includes: 1. Welcome to Coaching
• Creating Conscious Community
• Exploring Core Principles and Coaching Process Model
• Self-focused, Client-centered, and Transformational Listening
• Opening to Curiosity and Awareness
• Asking Empowering Questions
• Creating Trust

 2. Coaching Skills
• Core Coaching Skills
• Acknowledging, Championing, Celebrating and Appreciating
• Making Powerful Requests
• Giving Honest, Inspirational Feedback
• Working with Limiting Beliefs and the Inner Critic
• Surfacing the Presenting, Deeper and Transformational Agenda

 3. Alignment with Self
• Connecting with Meaning, Passion and Purpose
• Identifying Universal Needs
• Expanding Emotional Intelligence
• Differentiating Between Needs and Strategies
• Clarifying Personal Values
• Opening to Possibilities

 4. Multicultural Coaching
• Coaching Across Differences
• Deepening Awareness of Assumptions and Biases
• Exploring Power and Privilege
• Practicing Sensitive Intervention Strategies
• Developing Awareness of Cultural Differences

 5. Expanding the View
• Identifying your Client’s Viewpoint
• Expanding Viewpoint of What is Possible Using Inner and Outer Resources
• Making what no Longer Serves the Client Conscious
• Deepening Fulfillment and Accountability
• Choosing Self Care for the Coach
• Referring Clients to Other Helping Professionals

 6. Experiencing the Moment
• Staying Present in the Moment
• Deepening Awareness of Body, Mind, and Spirit
• Accessing Inner Wisdom through Body Awareness
• Deepening Emotional Awareness
• Practicing Self-Management and Suspending judgment
• Identifying Natural Openings

7. Vision and Strategy
• Expanding the Vision Using the Right Brain
• Establishing Smart Goals
• Moving into Action
• Creating Empowering Accountability Structures
• Developing Supports Systems

 8. Embracing the Shadow
• Working with the Loyal Soldier
• Embracing Polarities
• Transforming Distress into Light
• Visualizing the Future
• Harnessing Fear and Power

9. Calling out the Client’s Power
• Taking the Coach’s Stand
• Identifying Your Unique Strengths as a Coach
• Coaching Nonprofit Leaders
• Using Provocative Coaching
• Coaching Across Differences

10. The Business of Coaching
• Creating from Values and Vision
• Integrating Coaching into Life and Work
• Generating Sustainability
• Creating and Implementing your Plan
• Creating a Coaching Culture in Social Sector

11. Soul and Spirit
• Coaching Outside the Box
• Working with the Natural World
• Accessing Your Core Self
• Clarifying Your Contribution in The World
• Using Eastern Models to Inform Your Coaching of Soul and Spirit

12. Celebration and Completion
• Integrating Coaching Skills


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