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Relationship Based Selling

Relationship Based Selling

Selling your product is all about getting out of the mind of the sales person and getting into the mind of the customer. It is changing seats, changing lenses and seeing the world from the perspective of the target customers. When people are thinking about anything in trade they are thinking WIIFM = what’s in it for me?

If you can communicate the benefits of your product in terms of what is important to your customer then you will greatly increase your chance of making the sale. There is an old adage that says people don’t care how much you know until they know you care – and that’s care enough to find out about their present circumstances.

Connection is first and foremost before any form of “selling” should take place. The sale happens as a result of the integrity of the process-the quality of the container in which you hold the interaction. By choosing to connect first and not to make the sale it removes the pressure and anxiety stimulated inside (which is then projected on to the potential customer) that arise out of the fear of rejection. And if were focusing on really listening and discovering the needs of the person in front of us there won’t be any reason to objection handle because the goal is to find the best fit. So objections are an opportunity to reopen the conversation for more discoveries.

By letting go of the outcome to make a sale you increase the chances of the sale. The mindset should be lets connect to see if I have something that will be of benefit to you…this approach removes rejection because how can you be rejected if there was no potential sale in the first place. These keys will create ease and openness and create the environment for a successful transaction if this is apparent.

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