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Failure to effectively manage conflict in your organisation and workplace relationships can literally cost you hundreds and thousands of pounds, even millions if left unaddressed. The cost of conflict in your relationships can show up as stress, low self-esteem, dissatisfaction, hostility, withdrawal and sometimes ill health. These are costs which can easily be reduced if tackled early enough before they have a chance to escalate. In this book Victor explains how through understanding the motivations and drivers of human behaviour and implementing new systemic approaches you can learn how to create more ease, harmony and understanding with the people you interact with. As a result you will find out:
  • Seven key factors you need to know about the hidden cost of unresolved conflict in the workplace.
  • How to communicate with greater effectiveness.
  • How to be influential with yourself and others.
  • How to speak another person’s personality language and how to understand your own more effectively.
  • How to transform conflict into resolution.
  • How to create mutual understanding.
  • How to manage differences effectively.
  • How to reduce stress and create ease.
  • How to bring authenticity and presence to your work without appearing “soft”.
  • How to support others in seeing the importance of relationships and quality of connection for achieving effectiveness at work.
  • How to hear what is meant but not said.

Can We Talk?

Our relationships get easier and more fulfilling as we find smarter ways to manage them. By developing skills in this area we are able to avoid both common and hidden communication pitfalls including: Power struggles, ‘I’m right you’re wrong’, and playing the blame game. These obscure the deeper issues that lie at the heart of our relationships. In ‘Can We Talk’ Victor provides break-through strategies designed to lead you back to a state of harmony within all your relationships and to support you in finding satisfaction in key areas of your life. When we have tools to effectively manage and prioritise our life it is then that we have more time and energy to focus on the things that are truly meaningful to us. You will Learn How to:
  • How to think in ways where you never hear blame or criticism again.
  • How to be in influential with yourself and others.
  • How to transform conflict into resolution.
  • How to create mutual understanding, inspire trust and collaboration
  • How to manage differences whilst remaining connected to each other’s values
  • How to reduce stress and increase your inner energy
  • How to hear what is meant yet not said.
  • How to maximise your life
  • How to be compassionate with self and others.

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