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The threat of unresolved conflict

Conflict that is not resolved gets pushed further and further ‘underground’

but does not die. Instead, it grows in size until it explodes in an array of

forms to challenge the harmony within the working environments. The

key is to catch conflict at its early stages so that the moaning, the rows,

slammed doors, broken trust, and negative energy resulting in violence or

resignation do not erupt.

There can be times when conflict is positive, although for the most part it

is usually not unless you are equipped with the necessary skills to deal with

it accordingly.

Lewis A. Coser, in his book Functions  of  Social Conflict, said, ‘Far from

being necessarily dysfunctional, a certain degree of conflict is an essential

element in group formation and the persistence of group life.’

The point must be stressed that unless conflict brings about a greater

understanding between parties, except there is more motivation for

collaborative negotiating and broader perspectives that offer greater

alternatives as a result of conflict, it is not positive and should not be

something to strive for.

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