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What is conflict?

Living on a planet filled with people with different pasts and world

experiences, everyone with their own needs, values, perceptions, and

differing communication styles, it would be easy to think that we could

not possibly get along without conflict. Nevertheless we must celebrate

our differences since they add variety and spontaneity to life. Differences

are not the problem or cause of conflict; it is the mismanagement of these

differences that is the cause of all conflict. If people operate out of a scarcity

mentality, that is to say that no two people can really walk away getting

what they want, then you enter into a win—lose mindset. This then sets

you at odds with one another because you are now trying to compete

over positions rather than moving for collaborative problem solving. In a

conflict, there is the belief that one person is right and the other is wrong,

and together with this there is an insistence or demand that each person act

according to one’s own personal values and beliefs. To expect any person to

act outside of their own values would be nonsensical.

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