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Four types of conflict you need to know about

Intrapersonal conflict, which identifies the conflict as being within you,

points to the presence of two needs that carry significance, and to the fact

that you have not yet found a strategy that will allow you to meet both

needs or identify a more inclusive option.

Interpersonal conflict, which looks at conflict between people, identifies

that there are differing needs that are prominent for both parties involved,

and that the way each individual is going about getting these needs met is

negating the needs of the other.

There is the conflict that arises between an individual and their role at

work. It is possible that he or she is operating at a level where interests of

theirs are going unfulfilled. This may be because they are doing more than

is required of them, or maybe, they are not getting the recognition and

appreciation they value.

Finally, there is the conflict that exists between an individual and a group or

an organisation’s principles and the culture in which they have to work.

It is important that you are able to identify which conflict level you are on

at anytime. With this understanding, you can focus your efforts for effective

resolution. It is very difficult to address an issue without an awareness of

what level of conflict you are being challenged with.

Clearly defining expectations or ways in which your needs would be greatly

met at work or within your personal relationships minimises conflict.

Defining expectations provides a map for sustaining the most conducive

relationship with you.

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